Wednesday, 27 June 2012


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For someone who decided to stop blogging, I seem to be posting quite often!

This is a short story I wrote in about a half hour this morning to express my current state of confusion. I wrote it as a FetLife note and will keep it that way, out of simplicity.  


Once upon a time (because that's how these things begin, right?) in the not too distant past, there was a little german shepherd puppy by the name of Beau. Now, Beau was a very open minded pup and rarely questioned peoples kinks and never thought lowly of someone because of what they were into. However, there was one exception... Furries. Beau could never quite get his head around why people were furries. It just didn't make sense to him. "How could people get sexually aroused by wearing mascot outfits?" He tried to do research but it got him nowhere. Finally Beau came to the conclusion that they were just freaks and that was that. I guess you could say that he had become furryphobic.
Beau tried his hardest to avoid furries and he did so for a very long time. Then, one fateful day, Beau signed up for a social networking website known as FetLife. FetLife was full of amazing people and he even learnt a thing or two and made some amazing friends, but FetLife had a dark side... A dark and furry side! This place was full of furries!!! Beau managed to avoid any contact with known furries for a very long time, until he came across a gorgeous fellow pup who lived in the same kingdom as Beau (Let's call this pup Vulpix).
It was a very long time between seeing pictures of Vulpix and actually meeting him. He was even more gorgeous in the flesh! It was then that Beau found out that this stunning pup standing before him was a furry!!! Surprisingly, Beau didn't freak out when he found out and over time he actually developed a crush for the furrypup. As Beau spent more time with Vulpix, his feelings for him grew stronger and his furryphobia started to disappear. One night, several weeks later, Beau gathered up the courage to ask Vulpix to be his boyfriend. Unfortunately for Beau, Vulpix didn't have the same feelings for Beau as Beau had for him. Beau was heartbroken, but he continued to spend time with Vulpix, after all, there wasn't many pups in this kingdom (or at least, not many Beau knew of).
As time went on, Beau learnt more and more about the furries and realised they didn't just have adult cuddles in mascot outfits, but it was a lifestyle for them, very much like being a pup was a lifestyle for Beau. None the less, he still thought them strange.
Many weeks passed and Beau found himself more and more interested in the furry lifestyle and started looking at more and more still and moving pictures of furries being furries and finding some of them to be cute.
Months went by and Beau's fascination with furries had grown more. On the morning of June 27th, Beau began to think that he may be a furry! He began to feel confused. Lost. Beau hadn't felt this way before. Not even when he was sorting out his sexuality. Was he a furry? Was that the reason behind his furryphobia in the past? Beau couldn't find the answers, so he turned to Fetlife and wrote a story about how he was feeling, in the hope that someone may be able to help him.
The end.

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